Can I change the graphics settings?

Graphics settings are tuned for a balance between performance, visuals and battery life. However, if you would like to prioritise one above the other, options are available on some devices:

  1. From the Main Menu select Options & SupportAudio & Graphics.
  2. Use the Optimisation Mode arrows to choose between the following options
    • Performance: Offers the smoothest gameplay performance.
    • Energy Saving: Reduces power consumption and heat output. This can alleviate performance issues experienced due to overheating.
    • Graphics: Offers the best visuals.
  3. Tap Save & Exit.

Please note: Energy Saving and Performance modes are available for all supported devices apart from the iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone X, or 2019 iPad (7th Generation). Graphics mode has been enabled for the iPhone XS / XS Max, all iPhones since the iPhone 11, the 2020 iPad Air and all iPad Pros released since 2018.