How do I set up a Skirmish battle?

To set up a Skirmish Battle, select New GameSkirmish from the Main Menu.

In the top-right corner of the Skirmish menu, use the drop-down menu to select a map. The panel below this menu shows the selected map’s size and maximum player count, alongside a preview of the map, with white dots indicating the starting locations of each player. For more information on starting locations, see Starting Location below.

The number in brackets next to each map name indicates the maximum player count for that map. You can filter the maps by maximum player count using the second drop-down box.

With a map selected, choose which side you wish to fight on by tapping a slot under either Allies or Axis and selecting Move to this slot. Set up the other slots by tapping on them and selecting either an Easy, Normal, Hard or Expert AI player to fill them. You can also choose to Close a slot, though there must be at least one army present on each side to start a battle.

Finally, you can adjust the following settings in the bottom-right corner of the Skirmish menu:

Choose between Standard and High Resources. High Resources allow each side to build more structures and recruit more units earlier in the match.

Select the time of day and weather conditions for the battle. This option is only available on certain maps.

To begin the battle, tap the green arrow button in the bottom-right corner.