How do I enter cheats?

During a mission, tap and hold in the top left and right corners of the screen simultaneously. Your device's keyboard and the cheat entry panel will appear. Enter a cheat code (see below), then press the Return key on your keyboard.

To return to the game, select the Hide Keyboard button in the bottom-right corner of the keyboard, then tap anywhere on screen to hide the cheat entry panel.

Code Effect
CtrlAltComplete Unlock all missions.
FOW_Toggle Toggle fog of war on/off.
Manpower(9999) Set Manpower to 9999.
Munition(9999) Set Munitions to 9999.
Fuel(9999) Set Fuel to 9999.
Resources(9999) Set all Resources to 9999.
CommandPoints(99) Set Command Points to maximum available.
PopCap(100) Increase Population Cap to 100.
ee_bigheadmode() Enable Big Head mode.