How does Feral decide supported devices for Android games?

The basics

Google Play Store listings for Feral games always show a list of devices on which we have confirmed a game will play without issue.

The supported devices for our games are determined after thousands of hours of testing time throughout the development of a game. We have access to many iterations of Android hardware, ranging from older devices to the latest phones and tablets, and across a wide range of manufacturers.

If a device is not listed as supported but is still able to purchase a Feral game, that device is likely to be capable of running the game well, but would still not be officially supported as it will not have been tested.

Devices that are not capable of playing a Feral game to a satisfactory standard are blocked from purchasing it to avoid disappointment.

In further detail

We have access to many iterations of Android hardware, ranging from older devices to the latest phones and tablets, and across a wide range of manufacturers. Testing during development is conducted across all devices to which we have access in order to ascertain those devices capable of playing our games without issue.

While our testing pool of devices is broad, we do not have access to all Android devices - there are literally thousands of different models available worldwide, making it impossible to purchase and test on every device. We also do not have access to new Android devices prior to their launch, so if a new phone or tablet is released it is unlikely to be officially supported immediately, although we will always look to support the more powerful devices once they become available.

It is also worth noting that a newer phone from a manufacturer does not always mean that it will be more powerful. To explain in simple terms: a ‘5’ is not always guaranteed to be more powerful than a ‘4’ - there is a chance the newer device may actually have weaker hardware than its older cousin, so we adopt a cautious approach in these cases until we are able to confirm problem-free play.

How our device detection works

The ability to purchase a game via the Google Play Store is determined via detection of the hardware being used, based on metrics from our testing. A device that is not listed as supported but still able to purchase a game will have been detected to share similar hardware to a tested and supported device, and therefore likely to be able to play without serious issue. In some cases, a device may be released that has new hardware that does not appear in the metrics used to detect hardware, so may be able to purchase the game and still experience issues. In such cases, please see ‘Getting a refund’ further down this page.

Devices that are blocked from purchasing are decided after extensive testing of the game on that device or similar, and will be due to the hardware not being powerful enough to play the game without issue. For example, players will experience severe performance issues or crashes that have been seen in testing.

We are often asked to add support for less powerful devices, and it is something that we would love to be able to do in an ideal world, but we have to take into account the player experience, as well as the limited timeframe in which a customer is able to request a refund from Google.

Getting a refund

If you have purchased a Feral game on a device that was not listed as supported and experience issues, we’d advise that you contact Google for a refund.

We’d also be interested to hear about a device that sees any issues via support@feralinteractive.com; if necessary we can then take steps to block the device from purchasing to prevent other players experiencing problems.