What are the Classic/Remastered modifiers and how do I access them?

Total War: ROME REMASTERED includes a wide range of changes from the original Rome: Total War including a complete overhaul of the UI, improved AI, rebalanced units, updated mechanics, and entirely new features like Merchants. These changes are enabled by default.

However, when starting a new campaign it is possible to select the original Rome: Total War behaviour for some aspects of gameplay. To do so, select Imperial Campaign from the Main Menu, then select the cog icon in the top-right to access the Modifiers menu.

Hover the cursor over each gameplay modifier for an explanation of the original behaviour, and how it has changed in ROME REMASTERED. At the top of the screen, select Classic or Remastered to set all modifiers. Alternatively, mix and match Classic and Remastered modifiers by selecting the radial toggles next to each gameplay modifier.