Can I still play the Steam version of Company of Heroes 2 once the system requirements change for v1.3?

Higher system requirements for the v1.3 update are needed to support Apple's Metal Graphics API. This means that macOS versions 10.10.3 to 10.12.6, as well as some older graphics cards, are no longer supported.

If you are no longer able to play the game after updating to v1.3, roll back to the prior version as follows:

  1. Launch Steam.

  2. Right click the game in your Steam Library.

  3. In the dropdown that appears, select Properties.

  4. In the new window that appears, select the Betas tab.

  5. In the Betas tab, click the dropdown and select ‘mac-linux-1.2.8’

  6. The game will update.

Once the update is completed you will be playing v1.2.8, which is the version that you were playing before update v1.3.