Can I use a joystick to control planes in the game?

Yes, you can! From the Main Menu screen go to OptionsControlsAir. Here you will find all the controls allocated to planes (three columns are displayed on this screen). Column one (left side) displays the specific action, column two (central column) displays the default key command for that action and the third column (right side) allows the user to enter a secondary input (such as a joystick).

Using the cursor keys on the keyboard, move the selector down the third column until you reach the control you wish to modify (Pitch Up, for example) and press Enter. Now, using your joystick, move the stick in the direction by which you wish the command to be activated. Continue to do this with all the controls for which you wish to use the joystick.

Once you have finished click on the Back button. A window will now appear asking you to either Accept, Discard or Cancel. Select Accept to activate your control changes. If you think you've made a mistake then you can either select Discard (this will delete all the control changes you have previously made) or select Cancel (this will return you to the Air controls screen without deleting your control changes).