Battlestations: Pacific gameplay hints

Stuck on Battlestations: Pacific? Need advice on tactics? Wondering how to pull off something tricky? You might just find your answer here.

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Battlestations: Pacific walkthrough at StrategyWiki.org


How do I get out of periscope view?

If you are using a Apple Magic Mouse you may find that you are unable to exit the periscope view due to the lack of a middle mouse button (scroll wheel click). To work around this we have enabled a secondary command (T), so that you may enter and exit the periscope view.

This also applies to plane controls when you wish to enter or exit the cockpit view.

Is it possible to unlock everything in the game?

If you are having trouble with one of the missions in the game, or just want to be able to use any of the available vehicles without unlocking them first, there is an option to unlock everything.

To enable this feature click on the Advanced tab of the pre-game Options window and check the Unlock Everything box. When you next launch the game, all of the levels and units will be available.