How do I customise the touchscreen control layout?

When using the touchscreen controls, you may customise the layout to resize and reposition all on-screen buttons and inputs at any time. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. From the Main Menu or Pause Menu, select Options → Controls → Control Scheme.
  2. Tap the right arrow next to Default until you reach one of the five Custom control schemes, then tap Configure. The customisation screen will appear.
  3. To customise the control scheme, first select one of the on-screen inputs by tapping it. The selected input will be highlighted in green.
  4. With an input selected:
    • Reposition the input by dragging to your preferred position.
    • Resize it by pinching with two fingers.
    • To fine-tune position and size, tap the down arrow on the central menu bar. From this nested menu, you can also adjust the opacity of the selected input icon.
    • Delete an input by tapping the trash can icon.
    • Add a new input by tapping the plus icon.
  5. When you are finished customising, tap the menu icon on the central menu bar. The Custom Control Presets screen will appear.
  6. Select which Custom Control Preset you wish to overwrite, then tap Save and Exit. From here, you can also choose to reset the selected control scheme to the left- or right-hand default.