How do I play a multiplayer mini-game in SEGA Superstars Tennis?

Multiplayer mini-games in SEGA Superstars Tennis can be played with up to four players (for a doubles match) sharing the same computer.

Players can use the keyboard and/or gamepads, providing all devices are plugged into your Mac before you start SEGA Superstars Tennis. Up to two players can share the same keyboard.

Playing a multiplayer mini-game is slightly different depending on whether or not you are “1P”, the first player to press the C key when the Title screen appears (see Getting Started in the Read Me).

If you are 1P:

  1. From the Main Menu, select Games.

  2. Select Multiplayer.

  3. The character selection screen will appear, where the other player(s) will join the game. Choose a character.

  4. Once all players have chosen their characters, press the C key.

  5. A dialog will appear asking you to confirm that you wish to continue with the selected players. Select Yes.

  6. A screen displaying the available mini-games will appear. Highlight a game and press the C key to start playing.

If you are not 1P:

  1. When the character selection screen appears, press the Backspace (←) key on the keyboard to join the game.

  2. Choose a character.

  3. Once both players have chosen their characters, 1P will choose a mini-game and it will start.