What are the cards in Expeditions mode and what do they do?

In Expeditions mode you can replay chapters from the main campaign, take on skill-based challenges set in different locations from Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration, or play new missions separate from the story.

When starting an expedition, you can select up to five cards that alter the mission. Some cards will grant skills or perks that reduce the expedition's difficulty, but also reduce the number of credits earned for completion. Other cards will increase the difficulty as well as increase the number of credits earned for completion.

You can customise which cards you wish to use to balance the difficulty/rewards to your liking. Cards also have different levels of rarity, ranging from one to five stars; higher-rated cards generally grant better perks or increased score multipliers.

Each time you complete an expedition, you will earn credits which can then be spent on virtual packs of randomised cards. You can also sell cards in exchange for more credits. To spend credits on card packs, select Marketplace from the Main Menu.

Most cards are single-use items, but foil cards can be used as many times as you like. Foil cards are easily distinguished by their gold borders and distinct shine on the card selection screen.