Sid Meier's Pirates! gameplay hints

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Links to gameplay help for Sid Meier's Pirates!

Sashanan's Sid Meier's Pirates! walkthrough at GameFAQs.com


When playing on a Laptop the spyglass frequently appears while I'm sailing. How do I stop it?

This is most likely caused by a trackpad option you have enabled. If you keep accidentally triggering the spyglass, turn off the secondary click feature in the system preferences before playing. From your Desktop, go to "System Preferences -> Keyboard and Mouse -> Trackpad".

Why does Baron Raymondo come back after I defeated him the first time?

After hunting down and defeating Raymondo you acquire a piece of map that will help you find a missing family member. However you only get given one part of a missing map every time you defeat him. If you want more information you'll need to track him down and defeat him all over again!