During the dance sequence on the construction site, the button prompts are not correct. How do I know which buttons or keys to press?

If you are using a keyboard:

If you are using a keyboard, the prompts shown will be arrows. Move your character in the direction indicated by each arrow to perform the dance sequence.

If you are using the default keyboard controls, that means you should press the following keys:

- W
- S
- A
- D

If you are using a gamepad:

If you are using a gamepad, the button prompts shown will be Xbox buttons. These will only be correct if you are using an Xbox-style gamepad.

If you are using a different type of gamepad, the prompts will not correspond to the keys or buttons you need to press.

The button prompts shown correspond to the following game commands:

A - Jump
B - Special
X - Action
Y - Tag

You will need to check your control configuration to work out which buttons to press. You can do so in the Control Configuration menu. You can access this either from the Main Menu via OptionsControl Configuration, or from the in-game Pause menu via OptionsControl Setup.