What control methods are available in Company of Heroes?

Company of Heroes, offers two control methods; the Command Panel and the Command Wheel. You must select one of these control methods when starting the game for the first time, but can change methods at any time by selecting Options → Change Control Method from the Main Menu or Pause Menu.

Command Panel
The Command Panel will be familiar to players who are used to playing RTS games on a desktop computer. When using the Command Panel, a selected squad’s unique abilities appear in a panel in the bottom right corner of the screen. To view a description of any of these, tap and hold on its icon.

Command Wheel
The Command Wheel is designed specifically for mobile screens. When using this control method, select a squad then tap and hold on it to bring up the Command Wheel containing all of that squad’s unique abilities. Drag your finger over an ability to view its description, then release to select it. To close the Command Wheel without selecting an option, drag your finger back to the centre of the wheel and release.

In some cases, dragging over a certain ability will reveal further options associated with it. For example, when you drag your finger over an Engineer squad’s Build Defensive Structures option, the Command Wheel will change to display all the available constructions.

For targeted abilities like throwing a grenade, tap and hold directly on the target, select the grenade, and your squad will move into position to carry out the order.