I don't have a clickable scroll wheel, how do I control the periscope?

If you are playing the game using a Mac which only has a single button mouse and/or a trackpad you might have trouble controlling the periscope. The game assumes a two button mouse with a scroll wheel as the default input device. If you find yourself in this situation you can use the numpad + and - buttons which will do the same job as the scroll wheel for controlling the periscope. However you can also just reassign the periscope key to another button of your choice. To do this you follow these steps outlined below.

  1. Start at the main menu.

  2. Select Options from the list.

  3. Select Controls from the list.

  4. Select Sea / Land / AA.

  5. Find the option called Zoom Toggle.

  6. Click on the text saying Mouse Button 3.

  7. Now press the button you wish to use for the Zoom Toggle.

  8. Now click on the Save button. You can now continue playing using the new key you have just defined.