How do I enter cheats?

To access the cheat console, tap and hold the top-left and top-right corners of the screen simultaneously. When the console appears, input the following cheats:

Code Effect
goldrush Receive $500,000
ironhorses Unlock all engines
retire [0-19] Retire at a specific rank, from 0 (President of the USA / Prime Minister) to 19 (Hobo)
forcepatent Force a patent auction to start
forcerandom Force a random event to start
upgrade Upgrades the currently selected depot or industry to the next size
toggletrainstop When toggled on, trains will not stop for each other, instead passing through each other
setspeed [0-10] Change game speed. Standard speed = 1
savethedate Stop time from progressing (player can continue building and making money, but no events will trigger)

To quickly repeat a previously entered cheat, tap it in the console history to re-add it to the console text box.

Note: The use of cheats will be marked on the Retirement screen and will be reflected in the Hall of Fame (except for ‘setspeed’ which doesn’t count as cheating).