The Lord of the Rings: War in the North gameplay hints

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Do I need to give equipment and items to my AI companions?

Your AI companions will automatically upgrade their equipment as you play the game, so do not give them equipment unless you think an item might be of particular use to one of them.

Once you have given away an item, you will be unable to retrieve it, so you should only give away items that you are sure your own character does not need.

Can I redistribute my ability and skill points?


To do so, you must buy a re-spec token from a trader. These are available throughout the game, but are very expensive.

Once you have a re-spec token, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Tab (⇥) key to open your inventory.

  2. Select the Pouch icon at the top of the screen to access your items.

  3. Highlight the re-spec token and select Use to use it.

  4. Select Exit to return to the game.

You may now press the Tab (⇥) key at any time to enter the Level Up screen. You will then be able to re-assign all the ability and skill points that you have acquired during the game so far.