How do I obtain DLC?

How you obtain DLC depends on whether you bought the game from Steam, the Mac App Store, or another download store (including the Feral Store).

Steam, Feral Store and other download stores

You can purchase DLC for LEGO® Marvel's Avengers from the game's page on the Steam store:

LEGO® Marvel's Avengers

You can either purchase DLC separately or you can purchase it in a bundle as part of the LEGO® Marvel's Avengers Season Pass.

If you purchase the Season Pass, you will automatically gain access to DLC as it is released, without having to purchase each piece separately.

Mac App Store

On the Mac App Store, DLC for LEGO® Marvel's Avengers is available to buy in a “Season Pass” bundle.

The Season Pass adds new levels, characters and vehicles to the game. It contains the following DLC packs:

To purchase the Season Pass, follow the steps below:

  1. Double-click on the LEGO® Marvel's Avengers application icon while holding down the Command (⌘) key. The LEGO® Marvel's Avengers pre-game Options window will appear.

  2. Select the DLC tab.

  3. Click the Buy in the Mac App Store button next to the Season Pass.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your purchase.

  5. The Season Pass will now be enabled in your copy of LEGO® Marvel's Avengers.