Why are recommended graphics settings automatically applied to DiRT Rally? Can I customise the settings myself?

DiRT Rally detects your Mac's hardware and automatically selects the best graphics settings for your machine. During pre-release testing, thousands of hours of gameplay were recorded using different settings to determine the best configuration for each supported Mac. These settings deliver the best possible balance between graphics quality and game performance, and guarantee a consistently smooth experience across all of DiRT Rally's tracks and environments.

DiRT Rally also collects anonymous game performance data from players, which is used to fine-tune the recommended settings even further over time. This means that players using the recommended settings will always get the optimal DiRT Rally experience.

If you wish to customise DiRT Rally's graphics settings, deselect Use recommended settings from the Display tab of the pre-game Options window before launching the game. If you customise your graphics settings, you may experience slightly better performance on some tracks, and worse on others; the recommended settings guarantee a consistently smooth gameplay experience on all tracks. You can re-enable the recommended settings at any time.