How do I download missions, Skirmish maps, high-quality models and DLC?

When you first launch Company of Heroes, the Download Content prompt appears, allowing you to download all mission content immediately or on-demand.

Download Now

Selecting Download Now presents a prompt allowing you to select which content you wish to download immediately.

Download On Demand

Selecting Download on Demand allows you to continue to the Main Menu without downloading any further content. Each time you encounter a Campaign mission or Skirmish map that you do not have installed, you will be asked if you wish to download it.

To manage your downloaded content at any time, select OptionsManage Content DownloadsDownload Now from the Main Menu. Use the tick boxes to select which content you wish to download, then select Confirm. To delete an already downloaded content pack, untick its box and select Confirm.

Downloading DLC

DLC Packs are downloaded via the Campaign Screen. From the Main Menu select New Game → Campaign.

Select the DLC campaign you would like to purchase and tap the green arrow icon. Tap Yes on the prompt and the Purchase Interface will appear. The campaigns associated with the purchased DLC will be downloaded once the transaction is complete.