What are the "XCOM heroes"?

The "XCOM heroes" are hidden soldiers with unique appearances and impressive stats that you can recruit to your squad. They are:

To recruit one of these heroes, you will need to replace an existing member of your squad. The soldier will then be replaced with the hero, who cannot be customized further. You will not be able to bring back the original soldier.

To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. From the Geoscape view, select the Barracks.

  2. Select the soldier whom you wish to replace with a hero.

  3. Select Customize.

  4. Select First Name.

  5. Replace their first name with the first name of your chosen hero (e.g. "Joe") then select Confirm.

  6. Select Last Name.

  7. Replace their last name with the last name of the same hero (e.g. "Kelly") then select Confirm.

  8. A dialog will appear confirming that you are about to bring forth an XCOM hero. Select Summon Hero.

NOTE: You will only be able to recruit heroes once you have completed the tutorial. Following these instructions during the tutorial will only change the name of the soldier you customize.