Are there any cheats for Tropico?


Tropico's cheats are all accessible within the game's Settings menu.

  1. During a mission, open the Dictator Dial by holding the right grip, then select Settings.

  2. The Pause menu will appear. From the Pause menu, select Options.

  3. From the Options menu, select Cheats. The Cheats menu will appear.

  4. To view a cheat's effect, select it from the left-hand panel. To enable a cheat, select its corresponding checkbox.

  5. Once you are happy with your selection, select Activate. The enabled cheat(s) will have taken immediate effect upon returning to the mission.

It's worth remembering the following when using cheats:

  1. Using cheats impacts your mission score.

  2. Some cheats have dramatic effects on gameplay which cannot be undone, and if mission progress is saved while cheats are enabled, their effects will still be present upon reloading the save. As a precaution, retain a pre-cheats save that will allow you to undo their effects.

  3. Cheats apply on a per-mission basis; their effects are only present in the mission in which they are enabled, and do not carry through to other missions.