How do I access the additional content?

The additional content from Modern Times is enabled by default. However, the timeline and the new buildings and edicts are not available in every game mode. For more information, see Can I play Tropico 4: Gold Edition without the content from Modern Times? in these FAQs.

To access the Modern Times campaign:

  1. From the Main Menu, select Play.

  2. Select Modern Times Campaign.

To access the new buildings:

The additional buildings are automatically enabled.

They appear in the Build Menu alongside the buildings from the base game.

NOTE: Not all buildings will be available to you when you start a game: many unlock as the game date progresses. To see which buildings will become available to you in the near future, use the timeline (see below).

To access the new edicts:

The additional edicts are automatically enabled.

To access the new edicts, follow these instructions:

  1. Click the Edicts icon above the minimap.

  2. The Edicts menu will appear. Click the Modern Times icon to open a menu containing the new edicts.

To access the timeline:

The timeline is automatically enabled.

To view the timeline, click the Timeline icon above the minimap.

To launch the space program:

The space program is a building that launches a series of tasks with generous rewards.

To launch the space program, build the Space Program building, found in the Build Menu under the Government category. The space program can only be built once the game year has reached 1990.