Tropico gameplay hints

Stuck on Tropico? Need advice on tactics? Wondering how to pull off something tricky? You might just find your answer here.

Links to gameplay help for Tropico 3: Gold Edition

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What tactics should I use near the beginning of the game?

The first thing to do is establish a strong economy.

Make sure you have plenty of builders, teamsters and dockworkers. Raise their salaries if necessary. Because your workforce is limited to the number of citizens on the island, you may need to build an immigration office to attract workers from abroad.

Once your workforce is in place, build farms, mines or logging camps to create a healthy stream of cash.

Where should I place my farm buildings?

Crops only grow on green areas, so placing farm buildings here wastes productive land. Instead, place your buildings on red areas adjacent to the green.

What do the symbols above buildings and people mean?

Occasionally, symbols will appear above buildings and people in the game. These symbols alert you to the status of the building or person in question.



Are there any cheats in Tropico 3: Gold Edition?


Simply type the following codes during gameplay to give yourself an unfair advantage: