Some of the key combinations mentioned in the Prologue don't work. What keys should I use instead?

Some of the default keyboard assignments have been altered in order to ensure that Rome: Total War is playable on as many Mac keyboards as possible. Here is a list of the modified commands from the Prologue along with their new key assignments.

Command Prologue Actual
Zoom Out * Alt (⌥) + Up Arrow
Zoom In / Alt (⌥) + Down Arrow
Rotate Up + Command (⌘) + Up Arrow
Rotate Down - Command (⌘) + Down Arrow
Track UnitDelete Alt (⌥) + T

Also, note that where the Prologue refers to the Control key (ctrl), use the Command key (⌘) on the Mac.

You can change or add additional key assignments in the Control Settings screen in the in-game Options menu.