Can I play Rayman® Origins with a gamepad?


Rayman® Origins supports two categories of gamepads: Xbox 360 controllers (which require you to install a software driver) and other supported gamepads, listed below:

If you have an Xbox 360 controller, see How do I use an Xbox 360-compatible controller with Rayman® Origins? in these FAQs for a link to the software driver.

If your gamepad is not on the list, email padsupport@feralinteractive.com and our support team will reply to you with a request for information about your device. Once we have this information, a gamepad support file will be created and emailed to you.

Once created, this gamepad support file will be used in all future games and updates - so you will not only be helping us get your device working; you will also help all other owners of the same device who play Feral games!