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How do I get past the Droidekas at the end of Episode I: Chapter 1 (Negotiations)?

At the end of Episode I: Chapter 1 (Negotiations), Qui-gon Jinn and Ben Kenobi must fight two Droidekas in the docking bay. Sometimes, one of the Droidekas does not appear, leaving a single Droideka stuck behind the forcefield.

If this happens, use your force powers to create a platform near the forcefield wall, then jump over the wall and destroy the Droideka. This will allow your characters to activate the floor buttons which turn off the forcefield, so that you can continue the level as normal.

Why can't I accelerate in the Original Podrace level?

In the 'Original Podrace' level, accelerate is achieved by pressing the 'Jump' button on the game controller ('U' on the keyboard), rather than pushing forwards on the left analog stick (or 'W' on the keyboard) as in the 'standard' version of the level.

I have all the Gold Bricks, but I haven't reached 100% completion! What am I missing?

Make sure that you've completed the Super Stories. Super Stories don't give you Gold Bricks or any other kind of reward, but they do count towards your completion percentage.