What is the Boost Pack?

The Boost Pack adds a 50% XP boost to GRID™ Autosport's career mode. This dramatically speeds up your rate of progress in career mode.

The Boost Pack is disabled by default, but can be enabled by following the steps below:

  1. If it is running, exit GRID™ Autosport.

  2. From your home screen, open the Settings app.

  3. Select GRID™ Autosport from the list of apps.

  4. Select Extra Content. The Extra Content menu will appear.

  5. Enable Boost Pack. Close the Settings app.

  6. Open GRID™ Autosport. After the loading screens, the Title screen will appear. Select Start.

  7. The Checking Content message will appear. The Boost Pack will be enabled during this process.

You can disable the Boost Pack at any time by disabling it in the Settings app.