How do I take screenshots in F1™ 2017?

To take screenshots while playing F1™ 2017 you should use the following key command:

Command (⌘) + Ctrl + P

When you press all three keys at once, a single image of the on-screen contents will be saved in the Feral Interactive folder in your computer's ~/Pictures folder (the "~" symbol refers to your home directory).

The JPEG image contains metadata in a string in the following format.

GameName/Version Number (OS Version; CPU Speed; Installed RAM; Video RAM; Current Graphics Card)

For example in F1™ 2017 the string might look a little like this:

F1 2017/1.0 (Mac OS 10.12.6; 3.0; 8.0; 4.0; AMD Radeon R9 M395X)

This information can be easily removed by exporting the screenshot into a different format using Preview or another image editing tool.

NOTE: None of the metadata stored can be used to identify the user.