Which type of controller should I use to play F1™ 2017?

For the best racing experience, we recommend that you play F1™ 2017 with a steering wheel or a gamepad with analog triggers.

This is because the game provides the most realistic driving experience if the accelerate and brake commands are mapped to analog inputs on your wheel or gamepad. The game responds to analog inputs according to level of pressure you put on them, making them similar to car accelerator and brake pedals.

It's possible to play F1™ 2017 using a keyboard or a gamepad without analog triggers. However, you may want to adjust your settings to provide a better racing experience:


Keyboards do not have analog inputs. This means that you cannot vary the level of pressure in order to vary the rate of acceleration or braking.

You can play the game using a keyboard, but you may find it difficult to control your car's speed. Because of this, we recommend setting the Braking Assist to Medium or High, which helps you by applying automatic braking as you approach corners.

You can adjust the Braking Assist either before or during a race:

Gamepad without analog triggers

By default, the accelerate and brake commands are mapped to the “trigger” buttons on the top of the gamepad. If your gamepad does not have analog triggers, the trigger buttons do not allow you to vary the level of pressure in order to vary the rate of acceleration or braking.

However, all gamepads supported by Feral games have analog sticks. These are the small, mushroom-shaped joysticks on the front of the gamepad. You may prefer to remap the accelerate and brake controls to the right analog stick. To do so, follow the instructions below:

  1. From the Main Menu, press the F2 key to open the Game Options

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Customise Controls.

  4. Select Control Scheme.

  5. Select your controller from the Preset Control Schemes list, then select Edit.

  6. Select Accelerate, then push the Right analog stick forward. This will assign the accelerate command to this input.

  7. Select Brake/reverse, then pull the Right analog stick backward. This will assign the brake command to this input.

You will now be able to accelerate and brake using the right analog stick. To accelerate, push the stick forward, and to brake, pull it backwards. The further you push or pull the stick, the more strongly you will accelerate or brake.

NOTE: By default, the Look Left, Look Right, Look Up and Look Down commands are assigned to the right analog stick. If you wish to use these commands, you should remap them.