What game modes are available in Company of Heroes?

There are three game modes: Training, Campaign and Skirmish. All three are accessed by selecting New Game from the Main Menu.


Tutorial missions that teach you how to play the game, from basic orders and infantry combat to base management and tactical tank control. Completing these tutorials before moving on to the other game modes is recommended.


The game's main story mode, in which the player commands two US Army companies through fifteen missions in the Battle for Normandy.

The Opposing Fronts DLC adds two further campaigns focusing on crucial British and German operations in the period after the D-Day Landings.


Custom battles in which players take on AI opponents, with the freedom to command any company from those that have been unlocked.

The US Army and German Wehrmacht are available in the base game. The Opposing Fronts DLC additionally unlocks the British 2nd Army and the German Panzer Elite Division.