How do I activate my game using a product key?

Many recent Feral games require activation using a unique code before they can be played. This code is referred to as a Product Key.

Games which do not require activation using a Product Key are:

* You can also purchase Steam games through the Feral Store and other vendors. These have a slightly different method of activation. For more information on this, please see the Steam game FAQ point.

For all other games, you must enter your Product Key into the six empty boxes in the Activation tab in the pre-game Options window in order to activate the game.

If you have bought the DVD version of the game

If you have downloaded the game

The Save button below the six empty boxes will only become active once the correct code has been entered. If it remains greyed-out, the entered code is incorrect.

If you have bought the game on DVD, you have the option of playing the game with the disc in the drive rather than activating it online.

If you have downloaded the game, or if you have the DVD version and would rather play without the disc in the drive, click the Activate Online... button. This will send the code to Feral and enable your machine to play the downloaded version of the game, or play without the disc in the drive.

Each Product Key can be used to activate the game on 5 machines at any one time, and should not be distributed to anyone else.

You may wish to deactivate your game at a later date. For more information and instructions on how to do this, please see the “How do I deactivate my game?” FAQ point.

If you have entered the correct code and are still unable to activate the game, contact us through support@feralinteractive.com.