Playing mobile games uses up a lot of battery. What can I do to mitigate this?

The following can reduce battery usage when playing mobile games. In order of impact:

Screen brightness
This is the highest contributing factor to battery usage; playing games at maximum brightness significantly increases battery usage.

To save battery, reduce the screen brightness. The lower the brightness, the longer your battery will last.

Internet connection
In some of our games, for example the XCOM 2 Collection, you can download game data in the background when first launching and playing the game. This uses more battery than playing the game with all data already downloaded. To save battery, download all required data before playing the game.

The speed of your internet connection can also impact battery usage. For example, downloading data quickly via a high-speed WiFi connection may use less battery than downloading for longer on a slower, mobile network connection.

Audio volume
Playing games at maximum volume slightly increases battery usage. To save battery, lower your device’s volume. You can save even more battery by connecting to audio devices with their own power source, for example Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

A note on Battery Health
All rechargeable batteries become less effective as they age; batteries deplete faster in older devices or those that are regularly set to maximum brightness and/or volume.

On iPhone, you can learn more about your device’s battery by opening the Settings app and selecting BatteryBattery Health. More information on battery health and performance in general is available on Apple’s website.