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Warnings & Ratings

Important Health Warning About Playing Video Games

Photosensitive Seizures

A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure when exposed to certain visual images, including flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games. Even people who have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condition that can cause these “photosensitive epileptic seizures” while watching video games.

These seizures may have a variety of symptoms, including lightheadedness, altered vision, eye or face twitching, jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, confusion, or momentary loss of awareness. Seizures may also cause loss of consciousness or convulsions that can lead to injury from falling down or striking nearby objects.

Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. Parents should watch for or ask their children about the above symptoms—children and teenagers are more likely than adults to experience these seizures. The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reduced by taking the following precautions: Sit farther from the screen; use a smaller screen; play in a well-lit room; and do not play when you are drowsy or fatigued. If you or any of your relatives have a history of seizures or epilepsy, consult a doctor before playing.

Precautions to take during use

  • Sit a good distance away from the monitor.
  • Avoid playing if you are tired or have not had much sleep.
  • Make sure that the room in which you are playing is well lit.
  • Rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes per hour while playing a video game.

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It is the 41st millennium, and there is only war. This war emerged from the Dark Age of Technology, when mankind spread itself from one side of the galaxy to the other in its quest for knowledge. Traveling in starships to planets far from Earth, they brought with them enlightenment and the best of intentions. But this expansion was not to go unchallenged.

The enemies of man, including the savage and bloodthirsty Orks, the mysterious and powerful Eldar, and other dark and dangerous forces, wage constant war against the descendants of Earth, seeking to end their very existence. The lives of untold billions, indeed the very survival of humanity itself, depend upon the protection of the Master of Mankind, the Immortal Emperor.

He is the leader of this driven, fierce species, caught in a fragile dominance of more than a million worlds. As a race, humanity barely survives destruction, extinction and alien invasion. Only through brute strength and the singular vision of its celestial patriarch, the Emperor, does it escape destruction. By His will do vast armies of loyal, genetically perfected and lethal warriors known as the Space Marines accomplish His merciless bidding. Without Him and the Space Marines, the Imperium of Man would crumble to the many scourges assailing it.

Ten thousand years ago, the Emperor ascended to the Golden Throne of Terra. Although genetically human, the Emperor is a living god and the savior of all humanity. Supremely gifted with extraordinary psychic abilities, he used His unparalleled power to unite billions of people. Today, this vast expanse of peoples is called the Imperium. It is ruled by the iron will of the Emperor; His body is entombed in the strange life-giving machinery of the Golden Throne for eternity, as His natural life gave out long ago.

The Emperor’s power remains great. His mind is the beacon star to which all ships sail, whether through the material space or the Chaos-fed terrors of the Warp. Without the Emperor’s psychic beacon, the Imperium’s vessels would lose their anchor in the unpredictable tempests of hyperspace.


Space Marines and the Gods of War

From the ten thousand psykers of the Astronomican, who anchor the Imperium’s starcraft in warp space, to the billions-strong Imperial Guard who defend the Emperor’s worlds against alien threats and Chaos insurrections, to the Inquisition that protects the Imperium from within against the witch, heretic and mutant through cleansing flame and large-caliber execution, the Emperor’s forces are many and dreaded.

No servant, however, compares to the monolithic Space Marines of the Adeptus Astartes, the Emperor’s will made manifest and avatars of his glorious retribution. They are genetically perfect and the symbols of his everlasting might. These gods of war are often all that keep humanity from falling to alien conquest and internal heresies.

The Blood Angels, the Black Templars, the Space Wolves and the Ultramarines are but a handful of the illustrious thousand chapters who serve the Imperium.

The Undying Master of Mankind, the Emperor, is no longer merely a man; he has become a God, worshipped by billions throughout the Galaxy. As Man’s enemies rain endless death and destruction upon humanity’s doomed planets, the people of the Imperium pray to the Emperor, begging for his protection. Only Space Marines can answer their desperate prayers. As the Emperor’s loyal soldiers, the Imperial Guard are the backbone of mankind’s military. When their innumerable ranks are coupled with the fierce and unrelentingly heroic Space Marines, they represent humanity’s last, best hope for salvation from their merciless enemies.

To live now is to live in the cruelest and most bloody regime imaginable. Forget the power of technology, science, and humanity. Forget the promise of progress and understanding. There is no peace amongst the stars. Life is a desperate struggle for survival. Vigilance and devotion to the Emperor are the only refuge against the enemies of man, and the Space Marines are the Emperor’s hand.

Enter the Blood Ravens

A secretive and ritualistic chapter of the Space Marines, the Blood Ravens have a glorious history of fighting heroically for the Imperium. Yet, unlike some of the chapters who can trace their lineage back ten thousand years to when the Emperor of Mankind created the first Space Marines, little is known of the Blood Ravens’ origins. Their chapter records have long since been mysteriously lost…or destroyed.

As if to compensate for their lack of knowledge regarding their roots, the Blood Ravens have developed a deep respect, almost an obsession, for information. They keep extensive records on all subjects, constantly adding to the chapter’s well-organized archives with materials and artifacts gathered and cultivated based upon their belief that knowledge is the greatest weapon in the fight against the Emperor’s enemies.



As part of the Steam download process, the game has already been installed on your computer. To start playing the game, read the Getting Started section.

Getting Started

  1. Double-click on the Steam application icon. By default this is located in the Applications folder on your computer’s hard drive.

  2. If you are not already signed in, the Steam Login dialog will appear. Enter your account name and password, then select Login.

  3. The Steam application will launch. Select the Library tab.

  4. In the library, highlight Warhammer® 40,000™: Dawn of War® II in the list of games on the left-hand side of the window, then select Play.

  5. The Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II pre-game Options window will appear. Click on the Play button. The game will launch.

  6. After the opening video and loading screen, the Main Menu will appear. Select Campaign.

  7. The Select a Campaign screen will appear. Select Dawn of War II, then select Start a New Campaign.

  8. The New Campaign window will appear. Once you have named your Force Commander and chosen a difficulty, select Accept.

  9. After the opening videos, you will be dropped into the middle of an intense combat zone on Calderis. Captain Davian Thule and a squad of initiates are under heavy attack from ambushing Orks; rendezvous with Captain Thule and push back the Ork scum!


Playing the game


Embark on your crusade by selecting the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II single-player campaign. Lead the Space Marines and engage in furious battle across the dark recesses of space.

Take command of your operations from the bridge of your vessel by viewing distress signals, exploring sectors and outfitting your squads.

  • Planetary Display (default view): Displays distress signals, threatened territories and controlled stratagems.
  • Starmap: View an overview of Subsector Aurelia and/or travel to other threatened planets.
  • Squad Loadout Screen: Outfit your squads with wargear and guide their advancement.
  • Squad Deployment Screen: Select the squads that will deploy on the next mission.

Co-op Campaign

There are two ways to invite someone into a existing or new single player campaign. From the Campaign Selection screen choose “Invite Friend” and then select a friend from you Steam friends list.

You can also invite a friend into a campaign that your are currently playing. From the campaign starmap overview of Sub Sector Aurelia, select the Coop icon at the top right of the screen.

In a cooperative campaign, control of your heroes along with units that are produced will be shared. The coop player will also be able to permanently level up your squads and select wargear and abilities, so make sure that you are okay with this before inviting someone into your campaign.

The Last Stand Mode

The Last Stand is a cooperative survival mode that gives gamers control of an individual hero unit and drops a small multiplayer team into a battle against impossible odds.

  • Change Hero: Select which of the available Last Stand Heroes you wish to play as. Each hero levels up separately.

  • Change Wargear: Change the equipment of your currently selected hero. Leveling up grants new wargear.

  • Leaderboard: Compare your record against your friends and see where you rank against all players.

  • Player Statistics: View detailed information about your in-game performance.


Game Controls

Camera Controls

Camera Movement

To move the camera, move the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen in the direction that you wish to move. The camera will scroll across the terrain in that direction. To stop the camera, simply move the mouse cursor away from the edge of the screen.

You can also move the camera using the Arrow keys on your keyboard, or by clicking and holding the Middle Mouse button and pulling the terrain.

Camera Focus

To focus the camera on a unit, double-click on that unit’s squad portrait. Squad portraits are located along the right-hand side of the screen.

Camera Zooming

To zoom the camera in or out, scroll up or down with the mouse wheel. Scrolling up zooms in and scrolling down zooms out.

Press the Backspace key to reset the camera to the default view.

Camera Angle

To change the angle of the camera, hold down the Alt key and move the mouse. To return the camera to the default angle and height, press the Backspace key.

Unit Selection

Selecting a Unit or Squad

To select a unit, click on the model or the icon above the unit's head. Alternatively, click on their squad portrait or use the designated hotkey (the 1-9 number keys).

Squad Portraits

Each squad has a portrait in the top-right portion of the screen that lists important information about that squad’s status. At a glance, you can see the health of each squad leader, how many members each squad has and which hotkey is associated with it.

Click on the squad portrait once to select it, or double-click to center the camera on that unit.

Unit Info Panel

When a unit is selected, the squad’s information and abilities appear in a panel in the bottom-right corner of the screen. To use the unit's special abilities, click on the icons along the top of this panel.

Selecting Multiple Units

To select several units at once, click and hold down the Left Mouse button, then drag the mouse to create a box. Release the Left Mouse button when the box surrounds the squads you want to select.


You can quickly select a unit by pressing the number on the keyboard of the hotkey associated with it. For example, the Force Commander is number one: to select him using his hotkey, press the 1 key on the keyboard. Each squad’s hotkey is indicated next to its squad portrait on the right-hand side of the screen.


Using your Units

Moving a Unit — To move a unit, first select it, then click with the Right Mouse button on the position you want it to move to.

Attacking with a Unit — To order a unit to attack an enemy, select that unit, then place the mouse pointer over an enemy. When the targeting reticule appears, click the Right Mouse Button to order an attack on that enemy.

Attack Move — Units given an “attack-move” order will engage any enemies they encounter while moving. They will also make better use of cover. To issue an attack-move order, select a unit, click on the attack-move icon, then left-click on the unit’s destination.

Suppression — Rapid-fire and sniper weapons cause suppression. When your units are suppressed, the icon above the squad on screen blinks red, and they move and fire much more slowly.

Setup Weapons — Heavy weapons like Avitus’s heavy bolter require set-up time. Until that time elapses, the weapon cannot fire. Weapons set up automatically when the squad isn’t moving. You can see the progress of the setup in the icon above the squad.

Facing — Set-up weapons cannot rotate freely, so you must point them in the right direction. To tell a unit which way to face, first select that unit. With your unit selected, click and hold the Right Mouse button on the location you want them to move to, then drag the mouse pointer in the direction that you want them to face. Release the Right Mouse button to order your units to that position.

Using Cover — Cover helps to shield your units from enemy fire. If green dots appear on the terrain when moving your units, this means that location is an area of heavy cover. Yellow dots represent light cover, while white dots mean that location is not in cover. To get into cover, place your mouse cursor at the desired cover location and then give your units a move order to get there. Most objects in the world provide some form of cover. In a firefight, cover can make all the difference between victory and defeat.

Clearing Buildings — Enemies in buildings are much harder to kill, as they benefit from cover and elevation. Try using frag grenades or other explosive devices to get rid of them.

Using Buildings — You can enter buildings to give your units better protection. To do so, select a unit and place the mouse pointer on the building you want to enter. If your unit can enter the building, the mouse pointer will become a green arrow icon. Finally, click the Right Mouse button. Your units will automatically move towards the building, enter it and take up firing positions at the windows.

Exiting Buildings — To exit a building, select that building then click on the Exit All icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Falling Back — To have your units fall back to safety, click the Fall Back icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. The selected unit will retreat to the closest relay you control.

Bosses — You will face elite enemies with special powers and higher stats. These ‘bosses’ have a special health bar that appears at the top of the screen.


Campaign Mode

As a member of the elite Space Marines, forged through war into the Emperor’s finest warrior, it is your holy charge to protect the galaxy against the Xenos invasion. Throughout the campaign, you will choose missions from the distress signals transmitting onto your Starmap. Wage war and purge the planets of the Imperium from the heretic Eldar, the pillaging Orks, and the ravaging Tyranid threats. With every mission, earn experience points towards new levels, allowing you to increase your squad’s skill and unlock amazing new abilities.

In addition, completing missions and defeating enemies will provide you with new wargear and attribute points. As the campaign progresses, dropped wargear will become more powerful and can be equipped on the Squad Loadout Screen to increase the power and abilities of the squad that equips it. You can also spend attribute points to further increase the power and abilities of your squads.

Once you complete a mission, new distress signals appear for you to answer.

Starting a Single-player Campaign Game

To start a single-player campaign, select CampaignStart a New Campaign from the Main Menu. You must name your Force Commander and choose a difficulty, then click Accept. This will begin your single-player Space Marines campaign.

Unit Abilities

Energy-based Abilities — Abilities like “Tactical Advance” and “Infiltrate” require mental focus from the squad and consume energy. A squad's energy is shown by the purple bar on the unit info panel. Energy replenishes automatically as long as the unit isn’t using one of these abilities.

Global Abilities — Global abilities are granted in special circumstances and represent additional support from the orbiting strike cruiser. These abilities appear in a special area and can be used without selecting a particular unit.

Limited-use Abilities — Frag Grenades, Demolition Charges, and Stimulant Packs are examples of the limited-use abilities available to the player. Their ability icons include a number, showing the remaining uses this mission. You can replenish these abilities by picking up supply drops.

Ranged Abilities — Many abilities have a range beyond which they will not function. To see this range, click on the ability’s icon. The range will appear as a dotted line on the terrain.

Battle Cry — Battle Cry allows the Force Commander to enhance all your nearby squads. To use Battle Cry, first select the Force Commander, then left-click on the Battle Cry ability icon. Your Force Commander will become temporarily immune to knockback from enemy attacks, and in turn will perform a special melee attack. Any other units that are within range of the Force Commander's Battle Cry also receive a boost to their damage output.

Combat Jump — To use the Assault Marines' Jump Packs, select Thaddeus and left-click on the Combat Jump. Then, left-click on the location you want to Thaddeus to jump to.

Demolition Charges — To use demolition charges, first select the squad that has them (by default, Cyrus). Next, left-click on the Demolition Charge ability icon, and then left-click on the location where you wish to throw the demolition charge.


Drop Pod Ability — If you are far from a secured Teleporter Relay Beacon or strategic asset and need to reinforce, you can use a drop pod. Left-click on the Drop Pod ability icon. Then left-click on the area where you want the drop pod to arrive.

Focus Fire — Avitus can increase his damage output by using Focus Fire. To use Focus Fire, select Avitus and left-click on the Focus Fire ability icon. His weapon will do more damage until you turn the ability off or he runs out of energy. To turn the ability off, just left-click on the icon a second time.

Frag Grenades — To use frag grenades, first select the squad equipped with them (by default this is Tarkus), then left-click on the Frag Grenade ability icon. Now, move the cursor to the location you wish to throw the grenade at, and then left-click again.

High Powered Shot — When using High-Powered Shot, Cyrus will take a single sniper shot at the target, often killing it outright. Only vehicles, huge creatures and bosses are too tough to take out with a single shot. To use the ability, select Cyrus and click on the High-Powered Shot ability icon. Finally, left-click on an enemy unit.

Infiltrate — To use Infiltrate, select Cyrus and left-click on the Infiltrate ability icon. Cyrus and his squad will remain invisible to the enemy until you turn the ability off or he runs out of energy. To turn the ability off, just left-click on the icon a second time. Players who venture too close to the enemy may be partially revealed.

Stimulant Packs — To use the Stimulant Pack, first select the unit currently equipped with the Stimulant Pack (by default, the Force Commander). Then, left-click on the Stimulant Pack ability icon. All your units within range will be healed, and any incapacitated squad leader will be revived.

Tactical Advance — Tarkus can use Tactical Advance to break suppression. Select Tarkus and left-click on the Tactical Advance ability icon. His squad will be immune to suppression and take less damage until you turn the ability off or he runs out of energy. To turn the ability off, just left-click on the icon a second time.

To Victory! — The Force Commander can charge into enemies using his To Victory! ability. To use this ability, first select the Force Commander, then left-click on the To Victory! ability icon. Finally, left-click on a target unit. While charging, the Force Commander can knock over other enemies and even destroy walls.

Turret Ability — During certain missions, you will have access to Tarantula turrets. To deploy Tarantula turrets, first left-click on the Tarantula turret ability icon, then left-click to select a deployment location.


Pickups & Powerups

Level Up — Units can level up by killing enemies on the battlefield. When one of your units has leveled up, they will briefly display a level up animation. When you complete the current mission you will be able to make the unit even stronger by increasing its stats and unlocking new abilities.

Reinforcement — You can reinforce a squad that has suffered casualties to bring it back to full strength. Move the squad near a Beacon or Strategic Asset you have secured, and reinforcements will appear automatically. The number appearing above the Beacon or Strategic Asset indicates how many squad members still need to be reinforced. You can also reinforce at the drop pod that delivered your squads at the beginning of the mission.

Reviving Fallen Squad Leaders — To revive a fallen squad leader, select one of your conscious units, then right-click on the hero whom you wish to revive. If there is a fallen unit within range, you can use a Stimulant Pack to revive it.

Securing Relay Beacons / Strategic Assets — To secure a Strategic Asset or Teleporter Relay Beacon, first select a squad, then right-click on the Beacon. The squad must remain stationary until the array is secured.

Supply Crates — Supply Crates throughout the mission glow with a yellow aura. Within the crates are supplies. To pick up supplies from a crate, have one of your units destroy it. Once destroyed, supplies will appear on the battlefield. Left-click on them. This will replenish your limited use abilities such as frag grenades, demolition charges, and health-packs.

Wargear Pickup — Wargear is special equipment that makes your characters more powerful. Enemies will sometimes drop wargear when they die. To pick up a piece of wargear, left-click on it. You will also be rewarded with wargear for completing certain missions. You will have access to wargear acquired on the battlefield or as a reward once you have completed your current mission.


The Last Stand

Hero Wargear — Each hero in Last Stand keeps an inventory of wargear to equip before entering a match. The role of your hero is heavily determined by what wargear they bring. Wargear grants all the abilities they can potentially use, as well as providing character traits and enhancing character stats. New wargear, and thus new abilities and versatility, are gained by leveling up.

Levelling — When a game of Last Stand ends, all heroes in that game gain experience, which can cause them to level up. Experience is always equally distributed amongst team members based on the overall team score. Leveling up does not change a hero’s base stats, but whenever a hero levels up, a new piece of wargear will be added to their inventory. So even at low levels, heroes can be just as powerful as those at high levels - but having a higher level hero will give you more options and ways of playing your character.

Scoring — The goal of Last Stand, besides survival, is to earn as high a score as possible. 20 waves of enemies will pour into an arena with your heroes, and killing those enemies earns points towards your team score, shown in the upper left of the screen. Points from each kill are increased by your team’s Multiplier. Your Multiplier is increased by capturing and retaining control of the two capture points in the arena, killing an entire wave of enemies rapidly, and staying alive. With good teamwork, you can increase your multiplier to over 100, resulting in huge scores for each enemy slain!

Reviving Teammates — It is inevitable that either you or one of your teammates will be killed by the swarms of enemies in Last Stand, but so long as at least one of you is still alive, they can be revived and resume fighting. To revive a fallen teammate, a surviving player must click on the fallen player’s character model with their right mouse button. The surviving hero will move to the fallen hero and, after several seconds, bring the fallen hero back to life with partial health. Be warned, if the rescuer is knocked back, killed, or enters a new command, the revival attempt will be interrupted.

Space Marine Captain

The versatile Space Marine Captain is a master of the battlefield. He can lay waste to enemies with his melee and ranged weapons, and has the highest capacity for health and health regenerative bonuses. He is able to take this weight and throw it around, charging or jumping into the fray knocking down enemies. The Captain’s wargear lets him support his allies with the only direct heal ability available and his ranged resurrection ability. The Space Marine Captain is a juggernaut, capable of stunning, taunting, and knocking down enemies while tearing them apart with his weapon of choice.

Eldar Farseer

Capable of dealing enormous amounts of damage, the melee oriented Farseer must get close to enemies to unleash her fury. To compliment her melee prowess, the Farseer hits enemies from afar with pure psychic energy to rip them apart or turn them against each other, causing them to recklessly attack their comrades. Leveraging her psychic abilities the Farseer can shift seamlessly from slaughtering enemies to supporting allies, granting wards of invulnerability to friends in need, concealing them from view, or teleporting them out of harm’s way.

Ork Mekboy

Master of utility, the Mekboy has a weapon for every occasion. The Burna scorches large groups of enemies, while the Big Shoota wears down any larger single targets. Need more crowd control? His Rokkit Launcha keeps small clusters of enemies knocked down, while the Deffgun Dakka can lay down suppressive fire on large groups. The Mekboy has an odd, but effective arsenal of technology to assist his allies. His Booby Traps slow down and debilitate enemies. His Mega-Rumblah causes the earth to shake, stunning all enemies in view. His Bouncy Shield turns him, or an ally, into a living bowling ball, knocking down any nearby enemies and protecting allies from close range attacks.



A multiplayer match can either be a “team battle” or a “head to head”. A team battle pits two teams of up to three human or CPU players against each other. A head to head is a match between you and one other player, either CPU or human.

Winning Games

Victory Points – You can win the game by capturing victory points. When you control more victory points than your opponent, their victory point counter will slowly drain. When your opponent controls more points than you, your victory point counter will drain.

When one side’s victory point counter reaches zero, they lose the battle.

Annihilate – You can take the fight directly to your opponents and destroy their bases. If you eliminate all enemy bases, you win the match.


You need requisition and power to purchase units and upgrades for your army. Capture points on the map to increase the amounts of requisition and power you are earning.

Requisition – Requisition is the primary resource used for purchasing units. Be sure to capture requisition points.

Power – Power is required for advanced units and upgrades. Capture power nodes to increase your power income. Power nodes can be upgraded, allowing you to build up to three generators that will produce even more resources for your team.

Shared Resources – Your entire team benefits from capturing points and upgrading power nodes. If you don’t have enough requisition to upgrade your power nodes, ask your teammates to upgrade them. They benefit equally from a fully upgraded power node.

Stealing Upgrades – The enemy can capture a power node and steal your upgrades if you aren’t defending them. Be careful to protect your economy!



Global Abilities – Each race has a global resource earned in battle by fighting, capturing points, killing and dying. This global resource of Space Marine “Zeal”, Ork “Waaagh!”, Eldar “Psychic Might” or Tyranid “Biomass” can be used to activate powerful global abilities which can be used at any time and any location not obscured by the fog of war.

Headquarters – Upgrading your headquarters grants access to new unit types and can make your existing units more powerful. Your headquarters has two possible upgrades.

Rally Point – Click the Rally Point button to set a rally location. You can designate either a location or a unit as your rally point. All newly constructed units will run to the rally location.

Earning Experience – You earn experience by killing enemies and supporting your teammates. As you earn experience, your army and commanders will level up and become more powerful.

Knocked out – When a commander falls, he can be revived by his teammates. If you revive a friendly commander, you earn experience.

Reviving your own Commander – Sometimes your teammates will not be able to revive your commander. Select your fallen commander and press the Revive button that appears. Your commander will reappear back at your base. Reviving your commander costs requisition, but the price will fall over time.

Wargear and Upgrades – Commanders have several upgrades available to them, and can equip armor, a weapon and an accessory piece. Upgrades can make you stronger, grant abilities or make you more effective against different types of enemies. Select your commander to see your available upgrades.

Squad and Vehicle Upgrades – Squads and vehicles also have upgrade options. Some upgrades offer new weapons, while others add new units to squads. Select your units to see their available upgrades.

Work Together – Teams that work together will be far more powerful than those that don't. Talk to your teammates to let them know what you're doing! Make coordinated assaults against the enemy team, protect your economy and take advantage of each of your commanders' strengths.



Space Marines


The Apothecary specializes in healing and excels at supporting from just behind the front line with his abilities. He grants a regeneration bonus to nearby allies.

Force Commander
The Force Commander is a melee specialist who can inspire allied troops around him to boost their effectiveness.

Force Commander (Terminator)
A Force Commander wielding super-heavy Terminator armor and ranged weapon upgrades. Immune to suppression and knockback.

The Techmarine is a defensive specialist. He constructs turrets to defend territory, and a teleporter relay to reinforce allies.


Assault Squad
Equipped with jump packs effective at closing distances. Additional upgrades include Blind Grenade and Melta Bombs.

Devastator Marine Squad
Equipped with a weapon that suppresses large groups of infantry. Has limited firing arc and requires set-up time.

Devastator Plasma Cannon Squad
Effective at dislodging enemy troops and vehicles from dug-in positions. Has limited firing arc and requires set-up time.

Space Marine Psyker unit capable of powerful damage and support abilities. Inspires surrounding marines when killing in melee.

Scout Squad
Can be upgraded with combat shotguns or sniper rifles, either of which also grants the Infiltrate ability. May also add a Scout Sergeant, who grants frag grenades.

Tactical Marine Squad
Tactically adaptable infantry that can be equipped with multiple weapon upgrades.

Terminator Squad
Deadly veterans of a thousand campaigns, Terminators are very powerful heavy infantry units. Highly durable, they are immune to suppression and able to teleport.

Terminator Assault Squad
Assault Terminators are very powerful heavy melee units. Like the Terminator Squad, they are also immune to suppression and able to teleport.



The sight of a Dreadnought killing enemy units inspires nearby troops, temporarily increasing their weapon damage. Comes with the Emperor’s Fist ability, and can be equipped with an assault cannon or the Dark Age of Technology upgrade.

A heavy battle tank. Its ranged weapons are effective against infantry and vehicles.

Transports infantry units across the battlefield and allows nearby squads to reinforce.

Venerable Dreadnought
A more powerful Dreadnought that is very effective in melee. The sight of a Dreadnought killing enemy units inspires nearby troops, temporarily increasing their weapon damage.

Global Abilities

Which global abilities you have access to depends on which hero you have selected: each hero has different abilities.

Angels of Death
Your infantry units become temporarily invulnerable.

Blessing of the Omnissiah
Repairs all allied vehicles for a short duration.

Deep Strike Terminator Squad
Drops in a Terminator Squad to a target location.

Deep Strike Terminator Assault Squad
Drops in a Terminator Assault Squad to a target location.

Drop Pod
Calls in a drop pod with a Tactical Squad and reinforces nearby squads.

For the Emperor!
Target squad temporarily takes less damage and becomes immune to suppression, but moves more slowly.

Larraman's Blessing
Revives all allied commanders who are currently unconscious on the battlefield.

Orbital Bombardment
Calls in a massive orbital strike capable of destroying even the heaviest units.

Venerable Dreadnought Drop Pod
Calls in a drop pod with a Venerable Dreadnought.




Kommando Nob
The Kommando is a stealth expert who ambushes his prey.

Meks are responsible for maintaining the machinery that the Orks use. They can also enhance troops with their technology.

The largest and most powerful Ork, he excels at melee combat.


Kommando Squad
A fragile ranged unit that can detect infiltrated units. Equipping the Kommando Kit also unlocks the Infiltrate ability. Additional abilities include Luv da Dakka, Smoke Grenade and Burna Bomb. The Kommando Squad can also be upgraded with a Nob Leader.

Equipped with a Dakka Deffgun, a suppression weapon with a limited firing arc. Can be upgraded with the Beamy Deffgun (an anti-vehicle weapon).

Nob Squad
Consists of large Orks who do very high damage against infantry. Upgrades include ‘Uge Hammers, Nob Leader and the Nob Kit, which grants the Frenzy ability.

Shoota Boyz
Can be upgraded with the Big Shoota giving the Aiming? Wotz Dat? ability. The Shoota Boyz can also be upgraded with a Nob Leader.

Slugga Boyz
Tough melee troops equipped with a Choppa and Slugga. Can be upgraded with Burnas and with a Nob Leader to unlock Recklessness ability.

A lightly armored melee unit that comes equipped with Stikkbombz. Can be upgraded with the Bomma Kit, which grants Stun Bombz.

Jump troop that stomps the enemies, and can force ranged units into melee combat. Stormboyz can acquire Improved Jump Packs, which grants the Bommaboy ability, and can also be upgraded with a Nob Leader.

Heavily armed anti-vehicle infantry. Tankbustas are capable of using the Rokkit Barrage ability to rain rockets down upon their foes.

The Weirdboy is a long range support unit and caster. Charge his energy by putting him near da boyz and having them shout.



Deff Dread
A slow melee vehicle that is effective versus infantry and other vehicles. The Deff Dread's Rampage ability allows it to move faster, but makes it more susceptible to damage. Can be upgraded with reinforced plating.

Looted Tank
Slow ranged vehicle. Effective against infantry, vehicles and buildings. Can also be upgraded with reinforced plating.

A fast and fragile, anti-infantry vehicle that transports infantry units across the battlefield and allows nearby squads to reinforce. The Wartrukk is also able to detect infiltrated units.

Global Abilities

Which global abilities you have access to depends on which hero you have selected: each hero has different abilities.

‘Ard Boyz
The target squad temporarily receives less damage.

Call da Boyz!
Reinforces and temporarily increases the speed and damage of the squads around your commander.

Activates the Infiltrate ability for the target squad.

Kommandos iz da Sneakiest
Spawns a Kommando squad at a target location.

Kult of Speed
Reinforces and temporarily increases the speed and damage of the squads around your commander.

More Dakka
Temporarily increases the ranged firepower of the target squad.

Orders a massive Rok strike onto a target location.

Use yer Choppas!
Increases the melee damage of the target squad, and increases the chance of triggering a special attack.




A master psyker, the Farseer is a support caster who provides disruptive melee attacks and strengthens troops with her spells.

An offensive psyker, the Warlock specializes in damage spells and front-line combat.

Warp Spider Exarch
The Warp Spider Exarch is able to hit and run with his teleport ability. He can also teleport allies, moving them in and out of battle.


Bright Lance Weapon Team
A mobile weapons platform armed with an anti-armor cannon. Has a limited firing arc and requires set-up time.

D-cannon Weapon Team
A mobile weapons platform armed with a powerful artillery weapon. Has a limited firing arc and requires set-up time.

Guardian Squad
Comparatively fragile units. Upgrades grant abilities such as Plasma Grenades and Energy Shields.

Howling Banshees
Highly agile melee infantry. Upgrades grant additional speed, War Shout ability and other enhancements.

A light infantry unit with long range weaponry that is particularly effective against units in buildings. Upgrades allow for Infiltration and Cloaking Field. Rangers are also able to detect infiltrated units.

Seer Council
A powerful melee unit made up of Warlocks. Projects an aura accelerating energy regeneration of nearby allies.

Shuriken Cannon Weapon Team
A mobile weapons platform armed with a suppression weapon. Has a limited firing arc and requires set-up time.

Warp Spider Squad
Warp Spiders have a Teleport ability that allows for ambushes and rapid redeployment.

Slow-moving, short-range heavy infantry, they move more quickly with a warlock nearby but are stunned if the warlock dies.



A light skimmer tank that can also transport troops. Reinforces any nearby infantry.

Fire Prism
A skimmer tank armed with a powerful energy cannon that is capable of a high-damage focused shot.

A powerful walker unit. Upgrades allow the addition of suppression or anti-armor weaponry.


The fiery incarnation of the God of War and Murder, Avatars are massively powerful melee units. Enhances nearby troops, making them resistant to ranged damage and immune to suppression.

Global Abilities

Which global abilities you have access to depends on which hero you have selected: each hero has different abilities.

Crack Shot
Temporarily increases the ranged damage of a target allied squad.

Distort Field
The target squad temporarily receives less ranged damage.

Eldritch Storm
Creates a large psychic storm that disrupts and damages enemies in a large radius.

Temporarily reveals the fog of war in the targeted area.

Spider's Brood
Teleports a Warp Spider squad to the targeted location.

Summon Seer Council
Spawns a Seer Council at your HQ.

Swift Movement
Temporarily increases the speed of all allied infantry.

Webway Gate
Allows infantry to travel between webway gates.




Hive Tyrant
The Hive Tyrant is a large and powerful Tyranid that directs the swarm with powerful synapse abilities. The Hive Tyrant is immune to suppression.

Lictor Alpha
The Lictor Alpha’s camouflage allows it to ambush and disrupt enemy infantry.

Ravener Alpha
The Ravener Alpha tunnels under enemy lines, opening up strategic tunnels for allies to use.


Genestealer Brood
An elite melee unit that infiltrates after staying still for enough time. Adrenal Rush ability grants increased speed, lifesteal and increased damage.

Hormagaunt Brood
Gaunts excel at overcoming enemies in melee with their larger numbers. They become much more deadly when under the effects of synapse.

An elite assassin unit that comes with the Infiltrate ability and the deadly Flesh Hooks attack. Also has the ability to detect infiltrated units.

Ravener Brood
A fragile, high-damage melee unit that is effective against infantry and capable of burrowing underground. Can be upgraded with the Devourer, a ranged weapon effective against infantry.

Ripper Swarm
Small tyranid creatures that soak up ranged fire and disrupt enemy lines to protect more important creatures. Ripper Swarms cannot be suppressed while under the effects of synapse.

Spore Mines
When detonated, each mine explodes in a cloud of poisonous spores.

Termagant Brood
Attacks from Termagants cause targets to become temporarily more vulnerable to all further attacks. When Termagants are under the effects of synapse, enemies struck are knocked down.

Tyrant Guard
A large, durable melee unit, the Tyrant Guard moves faster when in synapse aura. Can use the Shieldwall ability, which regenerates health and reduces incoming damage.

Venom Brood
Warrior brood equipped with venom cannons effective against vehicles. Can detect infiltrated units. Nearby ranged Tyranids will also receive damage bonuses.

Warrior Brood
Vicious melee creatures that can be mutated to carry ranged weaponry. Their synapse aura increase the durability of nearby Tyranids.

A slow, fragile artillery unit that comes with the Focused Warp Blast and the Warp Field abilities.


A living engine of destruction that is impervious to small arms fire. Carnifex can be upgraded to have thornback armor, a barbed strangler, spore cysts, a venom cannon, or to project bio-plasma.


Global Abilities

Which global abilities you have access to depends on which hero you have selected: each hero has different abilities.

Brood Nest
Allows nearby Tyranids to reinforce their squads.

A target Tyranid unit is spurred into a suicidal frenzy, increasing its damage but making the unit die at the end of the duration.

Mycetic Spores
Mycetic Spores spawn Hormagaunts and reinforce other nearby squads.

Spore Mines
Deploys a group of Spore Mines.

Reveals the location of enemy commanders on the map.

Capillary towers erupt from the group, damaging enemies and tyrannoforming the area. Provides bonuses to nearby Tyranids.

Warrior Vanguard
Mycetic Spores spawn Warriors and reinforce other nearby Tyranids.

Without Number
Creates additional Tyranids at your base.


Chaos Rising


Chaos Rising is a standalone expansion pack for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II that includes a new single-player campaign, along with a new multiplayer faction, the Chaos Space Marines, and two new heroes for The Last Stand mode.

For instructions on how to purchase Chaos Rising, see What expansions are available for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II in the FAQs.

You can also view the Chaos Rising manual for more information on the new campaign, units and heroes included in the expansion.




Retribution is a standalone expansion pack for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II. It includes a new single-player campaign that allows you to take command of one of the six factions within the sector, experiencing its unique perspective of the days leading up to the Imperial Exterminatus.

There is also a new faction for multiplayer games, the Imperial Guard, a new hero for The Last Stand mode and new multiplayer units for all factions.

For instructions on how to purchase Retribution, see What expansions are available for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II in the FAQs.

You can also view the Retribution manual for more information on the new campaign, faction and units included in the expansion.


Technical Support

Every effort has been made to make Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II as compatible with current hardware as possible. However, if you are experiencing problems when running Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II, please read on.

The latest version of the FAQs can be found by selecting the FAQs button in the Support tab of the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II pre-game Options window (this is the window that opens when you launch the game), or by going straight to the Feral website: http://support.feralinteractive.com

Contacting Feral

If the FAQs and/or updates do not solve your problem, then please feel free to contact us. The following information must be obtained before contacting Feral Technical Support:

  • The error message displayed when the problem occurred (if any).
  • A Dawn of War II Report.txt file. This contains:
    • An Apple System Report of your Mac
    • Any crash logs that exist for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II
    • A list of the game's contents

All the information required can be obtained by opening Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II and clicking on the Support tab in the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II pre-game Options window. In the Support tab, click on the Generate Report button. Once the report is generated it will appear as a file in your ~/Downloads folder (the “~” symbol refers to your home directory). Now click on the Create Email button. Remember to attach the Dawn of War II Report.txt file to your email.

In your email, please include a brief description of the problem you have experienced with Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II.

email: support@feralinteractive.com



Please check the warranty information provided by Steam.


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