How do I play quick or ranked multiplayer matches in XCOM 2?

A quick match pits you against any opponent, regardless of rank.

A ranked match pits you against an online opponent with a similar rank. Your rank is determined by the results of your previous ranked matches (custom matches and quick matches do not affect your rank): the more matches you win and the fewer you lose, the higher your rank will be.

You can view your rank in the Leaderboards menu (MultiplayerLeaderboardsYour Rank).

To play either a quick match or ranked match:

  1. From the Main Menu, select Multiplayer.

  2. Select Quick Match or Ranked Match, depending on which type of match you want to play.

  3. The Squad Loadouts screen will appear. Either select a loadout you've made previously, or create a new loadout, then select Confirm.

  4. The game will search for available matches and connect you, if one is available. Otherwise, it will create a match that another player will be able to join.

  5. If you joined a pre-existing match, the host will start the match when ready. Otherwise, once another player has joined the game and is ready to start, the Start button will appear. Click on the Start button to begin the match.