How do I access DLC?

Once purchased, you can access DLC as detailed below.

Booster Packs

The Ghost, Opportunist and Predator booster packs give you additional items and upgrades. You'll find the items in your stash in the clock tower hideout. The upgrades are applied automatically:

To view your upgrades, press the F1 key during a game to access the Journal menu and select Player Progression, then select Tools & Upgrades.

The Bank Heist mission

You can access The Bank Heist mission during the game's main story mode by finding the mission's entrance in The City.

The mission's entrance is located in the far north-west of the Stonemarket district. You can view its quest marker on your map. To do so, press the F1 key to access the Journal menu, then select View Map. The quest marker can be found in the top-left corner of the map.

The Forsaken (Moira Asylum) challenge map

The Forsaken (Moira Asylum) challenge map can be played in challenge mode. It is separate from the game's main story mode.

To play the challenge map, select Challenge Mode from the Main Menu, then select Moira Asylum.