How do I use the benchmark test?

The benchmark test helps you determine Hitman: Absolution's performance on your Mac under the game's current graphics settings.

To start the benchmark test, select Start Benchmark from the Options menu (Main MenuOptions).

Once the test has finished, a dialog will appear displaying the minimum, maximum and average FPS (frames per second) that the game ran at during the test. The higher the FPS, the better the game's performance.

To end the benchmark test and return to the Main Menu, select OK.

To increase the FPS, adjust your graphical options via the Video tab in the pre-game Options window or within the game under OptionsDisplay and OptionsGraphics, accessible from the Main Menu.

Lowering the graphics settings is likely to increase the FPS at which the game runs, but reduce the visual quality. Use the settings to find a balance between performance and appearance.

To learn more about improving Hitman: Absolution's performance, please refer to the Performance Tips point in the ReadMe.