How do I play a multiplayer quick match in F1™ 2013 on Steam?

Quick matches allow you to enter a race without having to configure your game settings beforehand.

To play a quick match:

  1. From the Main Menu, select Multiplayer.
  2. Select Online.
  3. Select Quick Match.
  4. The Party Lobby will appear. Use the Game Mode option to select the type of game you wish to search for.
  5. If you wish to invite friends to the lobby, select Invite Friends. Otherwise, proceed to step 8.
  6. A list of your Steam friends will appear. Click the Invite button next to each friend you wish to invite.
  7. Select Return to Game to close your friends list and return to the lobby.
  8. To search for a game to join, select Find Race.
  9. The game will search for available games and connect you (and any friends you have invited) if one is found. Otherwise, it will create a game that other players are able to join.
  10. Once there are at least three players in the game, the race will begin after 60 seconds.