How do I obtain Rome: Total War - Alexander?

In order to  purchase this additional content, please update to the latest version of Rome: Total War - Gold Edition.

  1. Double-click on the Rome: Total War - Gold Edition application icon while holding down the Command (⌘) key. The Rome: Total War - Gold Edition pre-game Options window will appear.

  2. Select the DLC tab.

  3. Click the View in the Feral Store button next to Rome: Total War - Alexander. *

  4. You will be taken to the Feral Store page for Rome: Total War - Alexander. Once you have purchased it, you will receive a DLC key in an e-mail.

  5. Click on the Activate my DLC button in the DLC tab.

  6. Enter your DLC key into the six empty boxes.

  7. Click the Activate Online... button.

  8. A dialog box will appear confirming that your DLC has been activated and that you will need to download and install it before you can play. Click the Download button.

  9. A progress bar will appear in the DLC tab that indicates how long the download and installation process will take. Once it has finished, a dialog box will appear informing you that you have successfully installed Rome: Total War - Alexander. Click the OK button. Rome: Total War - Alexander will now be enabled in your copy of Rome: Total War - Gold Edition.

* If you wish to purchase DLC from an alternative download store, you can do so and resume the instructions from point 5.