Can I use my steering wheel in DiRT 2?

DiRT 2 supports all standard USB wheels, which means that most modern wheels will work with the game.

The steering wheels that have been verified to work in DiRT 2 are:

You should note that no steering wheel is calibrated by default, so it will require you to manually assign steering controls in the game.

It is important that the wheel is connected and switched on before launching the game, otherwise it will not be recognised. Once in the game you will be able to calibrate the wheel (even though Choose Preset says 'Keyboard'). After starting the game with the wheel connected, go to OutsideOptionsControls and then press Enter (↵) on the first control assignment (steer left) to calibrate. Now, turn your wheel to the left. Continue to do this for all control assignments.

† Please note that additional features of some wheels, such as 900 degree steering, force feedback and H-gate shift support may not be supported on the Mac due to lack of driver support in OS X. When support for these features is added we will update the game to include them.