How do I enable 900˚ rotation on my steering wheel?

Some models of USB steering wheel support 900˚ rotation of movement, clutch pedals and manual gearboxes.

However, your game will only receive input from these features if the wheel is running in “native” output mode. By default, wheels run in "standard" output mode on Macs, so not only is input from clutch pedals and gearboxes not received, but rotation of movement is reduced (typically to 240˚).

In order to enable native mode and thus 900˚ steering, clutch pedals and manual gearboxes, you will require a downloadable utility.

This utility, FreeTheWheel ("FTW" for short), is an Open Source application developed by Feral Interactive and released under the GNU public licence.

It can be downloaded here:


Once you have downloaded the FreeTheWheel application, double-click on it to view the FreeTheWheel disk image. This contains full documentation and a copy of the GNU public licence.

Wheels with a native mode that will be enabled using this utility are:

NOTE: Some games do not support input from the features available in native mode. For example, F1 2012™ does not support clutch pedals or manual gearboxes because real-life Formula One cars don’t have these features!